B. Game Pitch Video

Audience:  Your Game’s Demographic (specific audience) or an Investor

Purpose: To convince the viewer of the merits of buying the game or investing in the game’s production and distribution

Group Activity
You will be working with your group starting with this project and throughout the summer semester. To facilitate this interaction, I advise that your group reads this: Making Group Contracts

Together, create a contract to stipulate how you will work together. Consider your own experiences with groups to make your requirements.  It is unprofessional and inappropriate for one or two members of the group to do the bulk of the work. Each group member will have a separate grade and after each group assignment, group members are required to send me a short reflection on the group activities.

group-contract-template sum15

Qualities of the Pitch
You and your group will be producing a short video/ presentation designed to convince the viewer to buy into the game either as an audience member or as an investor. The video should be no more than 3 minutes long and should demonstrate the persuasive elements discussed in class and listed below. The video/presentation will need to be scripted, planned, and edited. The video should include a voice over, music/sounds, and images.

  1. Voice Over
  2. Music/ Sounds
  3. Images
  4. Persuasive Elements (speakers, audience, context, narrative, claims, evidence, purpose, organized, context, conclusion (call-to-action))
  5. Script
  6. Time Limit (3 minutes max)

To do this assignment, you will likely want to use powerpoint, prezi, I-Movie, or Windows Movie Maker. Any of these tools are easy to use for making videos.

Voice over in Prezi 

Voice over in Powerpoint


You will be presenting your videos in class on Monday, July 6 @ 9:20.