A. Website Analysis

Audience: Dr. Redish (professor of design– not your teacher and not in our class)

Purpose: To demonstrate an understanding of design principles, where they are found and how they work. (Why might you demonstrate these skills to Dr. Redish?)

Like we did in class, you will be taking a computer caption of a website concerning the problem your board game will be addressing and then labeling the page in powerpoint or InDesign. You will be identifying and explaining the different aspects of design used on the page. The page needs to be carefully organized and labelled. Each explanation needs to be concise, clear, coherent, and complete (someone not in our class should know what they are reading after looking at the document).

Some of the design variables to identify:  Gridding, white space, typography, color, video, image/text relationship, contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, titles, headers, subheaders, navigation guides.

Web Analysis Rubric

Due Friday, June 26 @ 11:55pm.