C. Specs, Descriptions, and Process Sheets

Audience:  Your Game’s Demographic

Purpose: Design, Plan and Develop your game.


As you and your group work on your game, you will be each creating your own specification sheet, game description, and process map to describe the game.

The specification sheet and the game description can be combined. The information needs to be carefully designed and make use of appropriate images. See the examples below. You will want to have a shared logo, color scheme, and content, but you are making your own so some content and the arrangement will be unique to your work.

The process map should be a complete page so that a reader can identify how the game is played. This process map does not function as instructions but instead shows the process of the game. See the examples below.

Parts of the Manual

1) Specification Sheet




2) Product Description

The Game of Life

Murder Mystery

3) Process Mapping



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