Participation Rubric

A:   Lively and consistent engagement in discussions; Applies and/or challenges readings; Engages with and/or motivates peers; brings in texts and materials; takes notes; does in-class work expertly

B:   Actively listens in class and occasionally comments; Good collaboration with classmates; Prepared and participates actively in individual and group work; Sometimes tardy; brings in materials most of the time; sometimes takes notes; does in-class work competently.

C:   Tends to look disengaged; Might use phone or laptop for purposes not related to class; Often tardy; Problematic collaboration with classmates; does in-class work.

D:  Sleeps in class; Rarely pays attention and/or is disruptive; Frequently tardy or absent; Unprepared for peer review or group meetings; does in-class work inconsistently.

F:   Doesn’t attend class often; Sleeps through class when present, or disengaged; Disruptive and/or disrespectful to class/group