D. Usability Report

Audience: Your Employer

Purpose: To determine the usability of game play

Practice: You and your group have been developing your own game. After having a number of people try out the game, you are going to test the game’s usability. Based on this test, you will write a report explaining what was tested, how it was tested, and what the results are. Consider why usability testing might be a helpful tool for technical communication.

5 pages- minimum since each section has its own page.

Content should be about 3-5 pages in length.


Document should follow technical communication format, style, and design as discussed in class. Feel free to make use of logos, color, arrangement, alignment and other design characteristics as long as the deliverable follows a report structure. The deliverable should follow the Golden Rules of Technical Communication as discussed in our class blog.

General Parts of the Report

  1. Cover Page
  2. Executive Summary– provides an overview of the entire document
  3. Introduction– describe the game and its purpose (remember the audience is not in our class)
  4. Methodology for Testing (what you did– like science the method section should have enough detail that I would be able to reproduce your test)
  5. Usability Findings and Recommendations (What does it mean? What should the reader do with the information?)

Usability Testing Report Template 1

Usability Testing Report Template 2 

Demonstrate usability methodology and analysis. Demonstrate writing style, arrangement, and design characteristics as discussed in class.