Instruction vs. Process

Group 1 Resposne:

Instructive vs. Process:

Explain difference-

The process is describing who does what, when they do it and under what criteria. Instructions describes how to accomplish the process of conversion input and output.

Credible sources-


Group 2 Response

Instruction VS Process Map

Instruction is more detailed than process map

Process map is series of steps how to play the game

Instruction is full description and should cover all circumstances

Process cover a round of game or major process instead of all circumstance

Instruction more like explain things to readers and tell them what to do, process

map more like tell readers how to do

Process Map :

Instructions :


Group 3 Response

Instruction vs. Process

  • Language for instructions is more explicit and direct in order for the audience to know exactly what to do.
  • Language for process maps is simpler and more concise.
  • Process maps outline how an objective will be accomplished and allows individuals to analyze areas of improvement.
  • Instructions have been tested and tried and are ready for use by a broad or audience.
  • Process maps are more of the big picture concept, where as instructions are more detail oriented.


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