Golden Rules Of Technical Communication

  • Audience: Boss
  1. Why communicating with him/her and not someone else?
  2. What do they already know about the subject? (topic, game)
  • Tone
  1. Word Choices
  2. Sentence Structure
  • Grammar and Mechanics (especially 10 things we talked about…parallelism, pronouns, capitalization, comma splice, and subj/verb)
    • Concision, cohesion, clarity, coherence
  • Arrangement
  1. Main point first (specific statements)
  2. Headers and subheaders
  3. Visual chunking
  4. Paragraphs (no indention, one space between paragraphs, single spaced, 7-10 sentences
  • Design/Formatting
  1. Font (easy to read)
  2. Images (enhance or complement rather than distract)
  3. CRAP
  4. Grid, margins, white space, images/text
  5. Color
  6. Logo
  • Argument
  1. Game Efficacy
  2. Claim, Evidence, Explanation
  • Business and Technical Communication documents
  1.  Not linear documents
  2. Executive Summary should be written after the rest of the document and provide an overview of the entire document (it might be ALL that people read).
  3. Charts, Figures, and Infographics need to be referred to in the text; they should not just be thrown into the mix.

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