Audience Awareness– July 7, 2015

We have talked about the importance of audience before.


As a young engineer in your first job, you have been studying the calculations and plans for the launch of the latest shuttle. You realize as you are working through the material that there is an essential flaw to the design that might result in a major problem when the shuttle launches.  You have several choices for who to inform: your immediate supervisor, the director of the program, or the committee who determines whether or not to launch the shuttle.


Mini Assignment: Good and Bad Audience Awareness

Think through what this will produce:

Write a set of instructions about how to buy peanut butter at a local Atlanta grocery store for the following audiences: (a vegetarian, food sensitive, or food allergic college student at Agnes Scott College; a 40 year old man from Slovenia).

Instructions are not just steps. They need to be adapted to audience, the person’s culture, familiarity etc.


Title of Instructions Respond to Audience?

Text based changes?

Purpose? Goals?

Indicative? Imperative?

Descriptive? Illustrations, images, and map?