Video Pitches– July 6, 2015

We will be presenting our video pitches today. We will also discuss feedback on our games as we move forward with making them.

Groups Presenting

1) Music

2) Travel 1

3) Mars Adventure

4) Poetry

5) Travel 2

6) Mental Health

Please listen to each presentation politely. You are asked to be the audience and given constructive feedback to both the video and the game. In order to give constructive feedback, start by mentioning a positive or praise some aspect of the game/video that you liked; then discuss your reaction to the video (this will not directly affect the group’s grade but will provide them with insight for improvement when next they do a pitch); lastly discuss any suggestions or thoughts you have concerning their game,

After we have watched the presentations, we will take a look at the prompt for this week’s major assignment and discuss what will be worked on this week. You will then have time to work with your group members on planning this week’s activities.