Web Page Design–June 25, 2015

Today, we will be looking at CRAP01_CRAP_DOC_DESIGNdesign principles

and we will be looking at Gestalt Principles: 


Mini Assignment: Website Design Analysis 

What are design aspects to look for?

Chik fila

Center for Advanced Visual Studies 

You will be taking a computer caption of each of the two websites below and then label them in powerpoint or InDesign. You will be identifying and explaining the different aspects of design used on each page. Each page needs to be carefully organized and labelled. Each explanation needs to be concise, clear, coherent, and complete (someone not in our class should know what they are reading after looking at the document).

Blizzard vs. Drive Essex

Some of the design variables to identify:  Graphing, white space, typography, color, video, image/text relationship, contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, headers, subheaders,